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Wedding Services

Your Wedding Day is one of the most important days of your life and you'll want to remember just how you felt that day each time you look at your Wedding pictures. I walked down the aisle only a few short years ago and know what an important part of my wedding my photographer was. I still remember looking at my wedding pictures for the first time and the excitement I had at seeing the shots that I didn't even know my photographer had taken. I want each of my clients to feel the exact same way when they see their pictures for the first time and I want that feeling to last each time they look through their albums. I believe in documenting the events of your Wedding Day as they happen. I combine traditional photography with a photojournalistic style to capture the true emotions and magic of your special day. I prefer to take candid shots because I believe they more accurately reflect the feelings of the day and interfere less with what is important- for you to enjoy your once in a lifetime experience. If you have a preference of one style over the other, please let me know so that I may customize the pictures to your preference. For more details on Wedding prices, please contact Cari Zoch at 310-226-2976, or email Cari at Cari@asitdevelops.com.